Monday, June 22, 2015

Bikeable Brews Along the W&OD, Custis, Mt Vernon, and Fairfax County Parkway Trails

The craft brew house listing now covers 100 miles of northern Virginia bike trails with the recent addition of places located near the Mt Vernon and Fairfax County Parkway trails. As you might expect, most of the ones near the Mt Vernon trail are clustered around Old Town, though there are a few good stops elsewhere, like Highline RxR in Crystal City and DRP Belle Haven. Not so many craft brew houses along the parkway trail, but at least the list does include Yard House with its 130 taps in Springfield, and 2 breweries – Fair Winds and Forge - in Lorton.  Currently the website lists 85 places including 20 brewery operations found close by the 4 trails. My mapping collaborator will add the parkway venues shortly, and is working on a modification that will specially highlight the breweries, brewpubs, and brewery-affiliates.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Craft brew establishments along the Custis Trail

Complementing the online directory of businesses situated close by the W&OD Trail that serve craft beer on premises, has released a directory of  craft brew venues located within a mile of the Custis Trail in north Arlington. The Custis Trail provides a link between the W&OD Trail and the Mount Vernon Trail or Georgetown; it extends 4 miles from mile marker 4 of the W&OD to the foot of Key Bridge in Rosslyn, and along the way passes within a mile of some 20 bars and restaurants whose menus offer an array of craft beers. These places focus on products of local area breweries and other small breweries around the country. The directory presents business names and addresses along with maps and directions from the trail. The ultimate mission of Bikeablebrews is to create craft brew directories for handy reference by cyclists and hikers on all the major northern Virginia trails.